Missing….One Windfarm!

Bradfardisworthy Windfarm Yesterday Morning.

Bradfardisworthy residents awoke yesterday morning to the sound of Police sirens, sniffer dogs barking & SOCO members scouring the area for clues. They also opened thier sleep encrusted eyes to a slightly different view out of their cottage windows, someone had stolen their Wind farm! Bart Trottery Reports:  Occifers from Devon Constabulary are completely stumped as to how and why large portions of the controversial wind farm simply disappeared in the dead of night. Apparently there are no eye witness accounts to this highly unusual crime but initial suspicions are pointing their fingers squarely in the direction of the scrap metal industry. The global rise in the price of raw materials and in particular the value of copper may well account for this audacious and seemingly well planned theft. The wind turbine motors have enormous copper coils in them used to generate the ecotricity and it is thought that this maybe the prime target of the raid. Local scrap metal merchants have already been alerted to be on the lookout for unusually large amounts of the precious metal or Pikeys in Transit van pickup trucks with broad smiles across their dodgy faces. Pete Chooliy of wind farm operators Hippytricity said the theft was “A massive blow for the planet & his companys bank balance” he added “When we catch these B****RDS, we are gonna chop their goolies off and hang them from the top of the replacement turbines”. Local resident John Deere said “I juss done unnerstand it bay, tiz proper maize, tiz loike crappin’ in yer own livin room, Uss do need the lectrickery furr the milkin dunn uss”.
Inspector Broom of the Biddyfud police was unable to comment as investigations were “On going”.


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  1. Pete Ikey

    If you ever wanna see your windfarm again then leave £10,000 in an envelope under the wastepaper bin in Bradworthy Square at midnight tomorrow. Come alone & don’t call the fuzz. Otherwise it’s curtains for the blades.
    Don’t think we won’t do it cos we will, we ain’t scared of nobody. Grrrrrr

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